T.I. Ponders If The Rock Made The Joke In The Chris Rock / Will Smith Slap

The Rock and T.I.

The Rock and Chris Rock are two different beings. TI examines what would happens of The Rock disses one’s mother. LOL!

TIP is doing his thing on so many fronts, you gotta love it. If you don’t you might just be a hater. SO, I am looking at the internet a bit and come across our own interview! I had not seen this in-depth interview with COMEDIAN Tip Harris!

The whole interview is good, but I drilled down on the conversation about Will Smith and Chris Rock. I know its getting a bit old, but it cracked me up. Tip suggests to Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur and Slops that he would still “defend” his fam no matter WHO. So, The Rock was in the building the day of the infamous slap and so…what if it was The Rock and not Chris Rock?

TI: If [The Rock] says your mom is a ((some thing really bad)) in front of your mama. Can you determine how you would respond to that? If The Rock said it…you gonna let The Rock get that off in front of your mother?

Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur: HE MIGHT!

Seriously. You gotta see this. For context, Tip was also talking about the incident with Lauren Knight, the female comedian that had some jokes about his wife and his life. They talk about “the line” and if there is one in comedy.

This all happens around the 27-minute mark.

Here is the caption from the AllHipHopTV page:

Much has been made of Tip “T.I.” Harris’s recently, sudden foray into stand-up comedy. The former trapper has delved into acting with plenty comedic offerings, but stand-up is a different animal. The AllHipHop Team, including Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur, Slops and DJ Boy Wonda, linked up with the man himself right before he took the big jump on stage at the highly-publicized performances at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. In this chat, Tip talks comedy, why he does it, who he loves and more. He gets into this whole Atlanta / Omeretta The Great / Ludacris conversation. Lastly, he says he’s closing a big chapter in his life as a Hip-Hop artist.

Check it out.

And Just For Fun: