T.I.’s ‘The Dime Trap’ May Not Be A Tidal Exclusive


T.I. recently revealed on the Ed Lover Show, that his tenth studio album, ‘The Dime Trap,’ may not be a TIDAL exclusive. Although Tip is a shareholder in Tidal, he has revealed that it’s the same situation he had previously.

“Basically the same situation that I had with Columbia. It’s just being facilitated by Roc Nation now. The same, actually a better percentage structure,” said TIP.

Tip plans to return to his classic sound, and he’s dedicating the album to his core fans, those that went out and bought ‘Trap Muzik’ the first week. Because he knows some of those people can’t necessarily afford TIDAL, he is unsure if the entire album will be a TIDAL exclusive. He does see having some TIDAL exclusive content and components though. T.I. also acknowledged the fact that trap music has lasted so long because it has been commercialized, and it has expanded to the point of familiarity for all. Last year it was announced that Jay Z would be involved in this album. We hope Jay is featured on a track or two.