T.I. Is Not Giving Up On His Family!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Although many have wondered over the past couple of days will this finally be the last straw in T.I. and Tiny’s relationship, it seems that Tip is not giving up on his family.

Now we all love the way T.I. talks and writes with his true southern ATL accent, big vocabulary, and occasionally misplaced SAT words. We were kind of hoping for this kind of response from Tip following the leak of footage of Tiny and Floyd Mayweather dancing.

T.I. kept it simple this time as he posted a post on Instagram quoting New Edition.

“Storms will come….. but tell me baby can you stand the rain- New Edition voice. #ItsALifestyle #MysaucerunnithOver #FuckNi66aFreeChallenge still in full effect.”

Now listen, Tip has been rumored for years to have his cake and eat it too with so many rumors about alleged flings and relationships he’s allegedly had with women outside of their marriage.

Tiny even commented once on social media that Tip had in fact been rumored to cheat with a known prostitute, and that he’d have to take that up with God.

Sometimes it takes a woman to have to do the same thing men do for men to wake up. Maybe T.I. is ready to make everything right with his family…..We have heard that their threesomes are lit though. LOL.

They love each other and have a very big family as well as blended family now. They probably aren’t going anywhere. Carry on.

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