T-Pain Has Been Working On “Grand Theft Auto 6” On The Low


Learning this makes waiting until 2025 for GTA 6 that much more painful.

T-Pain has been behind the scenes on the development of Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) this entire time and wasn’t even going to tell us had it not been for a random fan in his recent live stream

During the stream, the Nappy Boy Gaming CEO was asked about his absence from popular GTA 5 role playing (RP) servers by a member in his chat. In case you were wondering, RP servers are alternative online communities artists such as Sada Baby and Tee Grizzley have created within the game. Now that you’re up to speed, turns out T-Pain was actually running the RP servers with his GTA Online woes—that is until the folks at Rockstar found out.

”I need to be on No Pixel RP, I used to be and then, how about this s###,” T-Pain said in part. “I used to be on No Pixel and then I f###ing started working on GTA 6 and they told me I couldn’t do RP anymore because it kind of goes against s###t.”

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As if Rockstar banning him from RP wasn’t enough, T-Pain went on to reveal an even more mind blowing revelation during the stream. “They had this whole speech like, ‘What if somebody took your album and re-recorded it and more people were listening to that,’ and I was like, ‘OK kind of I get that, but I was having a good time. But that’s alright and then I started working on the game with them and then they kind of teamed up with with the people making it.”

It’s a bit of a bombshell to hear that Rockstar developers teamed up with RP server moderators on GTA 6, partially because they’ve been used as a crutch for the long awaited rollout of the game. However, it’s even more of a cliff hanger to think we’ll all have to wait until 2025 to see at what capacity T-Pain has been working in on the actual gameplay.