T-Pain Recorded This Legendary Verse In The Bathroom—Now The Song Is In The Toilet

Is T-Pain GOATed for pulling this off?

Not only is T-Pain an expert hit-maker, but he’s also dedicated and persistent in his resolve in the field of improvisation. Believe it or not, Teddy Pain was a part of arguably one of Bow Wow’s most successful career moments due to his indirect contribution to his 2007 album, The Price Of Fame.

The album peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard 200 and was notably home to the fan-favorite hit single “Ima Flirt” featuring R. Kelly. While T-Pain didn’t appear on the original version of the song, he surely made his presence known on the remix of the record. Alongside prime R. Kelly and T.I., T-Pain emerged completely unfazed on the track and in a full-fledged Auto-Tuned fit of creative cadence-driven fury.

Now, T-Pain has revealed he didn’t even get to record the verse in an actual studio with his counterpart and instead, recorded it himself in an airport bathroom. Given R. Kelly’s fall from grace into the depths of prison as a convicted sexual offender, it’s kind off ironic the origins of this record draw back to the toilet—where the Chicago vocalist’s life and career now lies.

Check out the full story below.

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