T.I. & Safaree Get Into It On Hip Hop Squares!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Uh oh! A recent episode of Hip Hop Squares quickly went left.

Footage from a deleted scene from last week’s episode hit the net showing rapper T.I. and Safaree getting into it on set.

Apparently it all started when T.I. and Lil Duval began clowning Safaree for being a cast member on Love & Hip Hop.

T.I. took a sarcastic and hilarious jab at Safaree by saying,

“He on Love & Hip Hop? I thought his Hip Hop love had went on. I ain’t know he had a Hip Hop love no mo’.”

Safaree told T.I. that he needed help writing his lyrics because his lyrics are subpar. Safaree also told Lil Duval that he can’t say anything, because his dick is bigger than Lil Duval.

While you could look at Tip’s jab as playful or unwarranted, rumor has it that there is more to Safaree and Tip’s little rift.

Apparently their beef stems from T.I’s alleged mistress Ana Montana (former escort/ Taz Angel) who also happens to be Safaree’s ex-girlfriend.

Ana is allegedly one of the reasons or one of the women (lol) why Tiny and T.I. were even getting a divorce. Remember Tiny was said to have caught Ana and T.I. in a hotel together.

It’s all hilarious if you ask me. And did you catch how T.I. basically told Safaree that he isn’t a rapper in so many words. LOL. Carry on!

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