Are T.I. & Tiny Faking Their Reconciliation In Hopes Of Drumming Up New Reality TV Opportunities?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Word on the curb is that all is not well between T.I. and Tiny despite all of their public appearances together post separation.

Apparently the divorce will go on, and the Harris’ public appearances together have allegedly been orchestrated to continue to rack up various reality TV checks.

Rumor has it that T.I. is still getting it in and even allegedly has several women pregnant right now. NOOOOOOOOOO! Say it ain’t so!

We all want the Harris family to hustle together again. Someone please tell us T.I. isn’t out here wildin’ out like this just because he’s finally free of all of his “distractions”.

According to a blind item by Crazy Days & Nights,

“Don’t believe the hype. This singing/rapping married couple want another season of their reality show so are trying to make it look like they are together. By my count, the rapper has at least three women pregnant right now and has a woman living with him who is not one of the three.”

I honestly feel like they really won’t go through with the divorce, and even if they do, they will either get back together or still mess around. What are your thoughts?

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