Not AGAIN! Are T.I. & Tiny Headed For Divorce?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Uh oh! It looks like there is certainly trouble in paradise for one of our favorite Hip Hop couples.

As you know, the beef between T.I. and Floyd Mayweather heated up again as the two traded shots on social media.

T.I. posted a video of him, Kevin Hart, and others laughing and mentioning Floyd Mayweather and his father’s name.

Floyd Mayweather came with the ultimate clap back as he posted footage of he and T.I.’s wife, Tiny, dancing.

Remember T.I. and Mayweather got to throwing furniture and blows at a burger joint over Tiny a few years ago. To make it so bad, Tiny gave a statement about a photo of her, Floyd, and Mariah Carey at Mariah’s Halloween party saying the only reason she was in a picture beside Floyd was because Mariah asked her to take a photo.

The video of Tiny and Floyd dancing seems to suggest a lot more!

Now rumors have hit the fan that Tiny and T.I. are headed for divorce. We doubt it though. You know there are rumors every 6 months that they are going to split. They have been plagued with rumors of infidelity, living in separate homes, and more for a while.

It seemed like it would all blow over until one of Tiny’s best friends posted a few shots at Tip on Instagram, and Tiny liked the posts. One of the posts was a video of several of the women T.I. has been rumored to have cheated on Tiny with, seeming to say Tip how NO room to get mad.

Like any couple, T.I. and Tiny have had their differences, but we sure hope they work it out. Do you think they’re headed for splitsville?

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