T.I. & Tiny’s Best Friend Go At It On Instagram!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Social media sure does keep us entertained on a DAILY BASIS!

It’s NO SECRET that T.I. and his wife Tiny are not on the best terms. There is still a pending divorce hanging over their heads!

While fans of the Harris Family Hustle hope the couple makes up, things keep getting more and more entertaining on social media.

T.I. has expressed his dislike for Tiny’s friends over the years, so no one was really surprised that he got into it with one of them on Instagram yesterday.

Apparently Tiny’s longtime best friend, Shamra, wrote a general post about public figures protesting social injustices when they don’t even uphold their own black women and wives.

While many, Tip included, assumed the post was directed at T.I., Shamra maintained that the post had nothing to do with him, and if she had a problem with him, she says she could’ve called him up since she has his direct phone number.

Apparently T.I. jumped in her comments taking some shots at her including a shot about her husband allegedly leaving her. This is what social media has had to gather since a noticeably missing comment from the rapper has been deleted.

No matter what was said, Shamra definitely had a response for Mr. Troubleman.

“Oh my n-gga this ain’t no shade at no shade at you what so ever don’t really know what you speak of but understand this that man you speak of I let him go he didn’t leave me so go get ya facts straight and then come holla at me! Betta yet you have my number so if it’s any problem you know how to get at me! Trust and believe, I’ve never addressed your relationship because had we all know how that can go so please have a seat! Better yet hit my line! It’s open!” said Shamra.

Tip replied saying,

“Nah no thanx. I’ll pass. If I never have to see or speak to you again, my heart will smile.”

Shamra told T.I. that he obviously felt personally attacked by a message she posted. She also told him that he will definitely see her again, and that her heart will also smile.

Social media has come to two hilarious conclusions: 1. That a hit dog will holler. 2. She was low-key talking about him. LOL!

What are your thoughts?

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