T-Wayne Cries Over Being Mistaken For…Ja Rule?


We aren’t sure if T- Wayne is an attention wh-re, or if he’s really telling the truth.

According to T-Wayne, he was in a nightclub, and people started to hype him up, show him love, and some even went as far as to call him a legend.

While wondering why all of the love was coming his way, he quickly learned that they had mistaken him for Ja Rule, when they began to play Ja Rule’s music.

While T-Wayne thinks this is comedy, this really means no one knew who he was.

Could this be a publicity stunt, because a DJ and credible folks in the industry mistaking someone else for Ja Rule could put their own name and credibility on the line.

We would understand if this situation was reversed and it was Ja who was actually offended LOL.

I ain’t gonna lie, every time I hear his name I wonder if T-pain & Lil Wayne ever got their business right to bring forth that album.


I can’t help but wonder what Ja Rule thinks!