Black Woman Accuses Talib Kweli Of Harassment Over “Colorism” Debate!

A Black woman on Twitter says Talib Kweli messed with her for almost 12 hours straight.

(AllHipHop Rumors) People that know Talib Kweli, he is more than the man that did the song “Get By.” He is an activist in real life and he also is a furious tweeter. Normally he goes at racists that troll him, but he has been charged with going after a woman over the issue of colorism. 

I do not know exactly how it all started but the women apparently asked him to address the issue of colorism. I guess he didn’t want to address it, DJ EQUE, but it really went left seemingly when he brought Talib’s wife into it. I won’t lie…I didn’t know he was still married. Unless I got some bad intel, he is still married to DJ Eque! You may remember, many MOONS ago they got into a big fight at 50 Cent’s lavish mansion party. It was ugly! I was doing the rumors at the time and I didn’t even put homie’s name in the rumor. 

Here is what allegedly happened: 

Uh Oh….I have to look at the update now!