White “Hip-Hop Producer” Offends All Black People!

Tamika Mallory steps up to challenge a real idiot!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Who the heck is this guy JW Lucas? This dude is a straight up clown that calls himself a Hip-Hop producer! The fella is operating in our culture as a white man with real real racist tendencies! I don’t know where he came from but it is time for him to get the hell out! I hope somebody bolos his monkey a$$!

This guy made some stupid comments about Breonna Taylor and those comments did not go on unchecked at all. But more than anything it seems like Tamika Mallory, one of my sheroes, checked him the hardest. Apparently all of this played out over Instagram Live. 

The guy made the statements on Twitter and then double down on them! And then he began to diss Mallory which is totally unacceptable! I think it’s time for Mysonne or someone like myself to put paws on him.

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Since this all manifested, he has apologized! He claims he talked to Breonna’s sister….we don’t GAF, bro! S### and GTFOHWTBS! You are a class clown and a racist a## fool. You have been permitted to walk in our culture unchecked for far too long. And there are other instances where this bozo has been talking crazy – with a damn ROOM of Black men. I question those MEN as well for letting this dude WITH 500 FOLLOWERS ON TWITTER to even get in the room. Why am I writing about a person with less followers than people that attended my high school prom?