Tank Checks Perez Hilton Over Controversial Chris Brown Coverage


The very controversial celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton, recently ruffled some feathers in regards to his coverage of Chris Brown’s alleged assault case.

While Brown doesn’t have a squeaky clean record, this time many are speaking out in defense of the singer’s alleged innocence.

Singer Tank was one of those people fed up with Hilton’s coverage. He went in on Perez for being an irresponsible journalist and for failing to be objective.

Tank failed to realize it would fall on deaf ears, and Perez would continue to be controversial because he is everything but a journalist. Tank posted a message for Perez on his Instagram that read,

“@theperezhilton and people like you IS THERE A PROBLEM? These types of people get to say anything out they mouth and because we’re celebrities we have to turn the other cheek. A lot of people on this side are fed up and I promise you it’s not gone end well for some of you. I respect everybody until disrespected!”

Perez even decided to taunt Tank by saying he didn’t know who he was, and he would have to do a google search to see what he did for a living.

Tank advised Perez to keep it light because,

“He’s the right one.”

Don’t let the R&B fool you. We’ve heard Tank has been known to set it off.


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