Taxstone Speaks Defiantly From Behind The Walls: “I’m Not Doing 35”

Taxstone and Troy Ave

Taxstone was sentenced to 35 years in prison. But, he has some words to say and he says them in a most defiant way. Read up.

So, check this out, Daryl “Taxstone” Campbell, the host “Tax Season,” just got slapped with a hefty 35-year prison sentence. What for, you ask? Well, back in 2016, there was this shooting at a T.I. concert in New York City’s Irving Plaza, and turns out Campbell played a major role in it. Crazy stuff, right?

He has spoken and he says he’s not doing it: straight like that.

“Just got 35 years for being victimized and reversing the situation the beauty in it all is ..

I’m not doing 35 .

Be safe tho.”

Apparently, Tax shot four people during the incident. Three of them got injured, including the rapper Troy Ave, and unfortunately, Ronald “Banga” McPhatter, Troy Ave’s bodyguard, lost his life. Nasty work, no doubt about it. Tax’s lawyer, Kenneth Montgomery, wasn’t too happy about the sentence, calling it shameful. He’s planning to appeal the decision, so this may be what Tax is talking about. I think he should not talk at all, because he could hurt his case.

Troy Ave and Tax had some serious beef. Things escalated backstage at Irving Plaza before Troy Ave’s performance. Tax seems to suggest that McPhatter was shot by Troy Ave, but the jury saw it differently. I would like to see what they say. Total chaos.

Just when you think things could not get more complicated, it does.

Troy Ave has decided to sue Irving Plaza and Live Nation. He charges they totally failed in their duty to protect him as a performer. On top of that, a pair of fans also decided to sue too, saying they got trampled during the chaos that followed the shooting.

Talk about a complete mess.