Taxstone vs Chicago Rappers! Young M.A.’s Street Problems Persist!


(AllHipHop Rumors) I never felt so out of the crazy loop! People are just spazzing over social media and letting it be known to the world that they have issues with others. I thought bad boys moved in silence. I guess I thought I was crazy, but I thought wrong. I am sane. YALL CRAZY!

Taxstone bans Chicago rappers from New York City for coming at Young M.A. Tax allegedly got Troy ave popped so you know its real.

King Yella comes back with the “rah” and lets it be known.

FBG Duck just wants an apology!

He clarified a bit in his second post:

“Once Again I’m Not Tryna Beef Wit Young Ma Let’s Get Dat Clear Been Had Clout I Don’t Need Dat S### But This Tooka S### Real We Don’t Play About Him On My Block ? Yea Chief Keef Nem Say It And Songs Got Y’all Thinking Its Weed No Its A Person But You See Chief Nem Don’t Live In Chicago Nomo ? But Aye You Old Ass Goofy You Better Chill You To Old This Ain’t Back In The Days @taxstone”

Meanwhile, Young M.A. is chillin, while all Hell is breaking loose!

This is Hip-Hop? I got nothing more to say.