TDE’s Isaiah Rashad Makes A Stunning Revelation!

Isaiah Rashad

Isaiah Rashad is carving out a lane for himself as a sober rapper.

TDE’s Isaiah Rashad is one of the fine talents that manages to keep the crew going and moving, until we get another Kendrick album. He’s a bit of an enlightened fellow, but his latest revelation shocked even me.

He said he recorded his latest album completely sober, he didn’t even smoke cigars while recording it. As you know, many rappers continually lean on drugs and alcohol to spark their creativity. However, when they get off of those drugs, we see the same loss of creativity one would expect from a drunk guy that is the life of the party. It ain’t the same.

That’s not always the case, i.e. Black Thought and his new music, but it is the general consensus that rappers that are sober are less interesting. Check out what he said:



Now, the odd thing is that Isaiah Rashad deleted this tweet! I wonder why? Will he have to pretend to be a druggie in order to continue to peddle such unwellness in our communities? I think of Famous Dix as I type these words! Stop pushing drugs even if you do them, stop telling kids to do it.