The Tekashi 69 Plot Thickens With Driver, Alleged P###!

It looks like there is much more to 6ix9ine’s driver than meets the eye!

(AllHipHop Rumors) It never quite made sense. How was Tekashi 69’s kidnapping recorded so clear!?! For some reason, I could only surmise that it was because Tek had an Uber Driver and he was recording. But it was more than Uber! In fact, it was more like Fed Driver! 69 unknowingly had a snitch driver that was working for the Feds! 

As originally reported by the New York Daily News, the driver was what they like to call “illegal” and he was caught by ICE officials. To make way for him to stay in the country, they sent him back to continue working for Tekkie, BUT…they manned his vehicle with a camera to record. They hit the whole jackpot when the rainbow-haired rapper was “kidnapped” by members of the Nine Trey Blood Gang. 

He tried to get Tekashi back when they got him, but had to stop when somebody ran on him with a gun. “I thought we were going to get killed. And we would be robbed,” he said in court. The crazy thing is that he legitimately seemed to care about Tekashi in that video, where he referred to him as is “brother.” Well, now they are brothers in Snitch Land. 

Bu-bu-bu-but wait, it gets worse! Now, Tekashi’s ex is throwing some sensational energy back into the streets, stating that the driver’s a P###! She’s saying he was locked up for screwing his own underage cousin! This is a double whammy because Tekashi has been accused as a p### as well. That’s some weird energy!

Well, Tekashi’s baby moms is letting it all loose! She said Jorge The Driver is obsessed with Tekashi and I believe her. These guys love the drama!

It is really crazy how cool 50 Cent was with all of these guys.