Tekashi 69 In The Middle Of A New War With Baby Mamas!

The baes and baby mamas of Tekashi 69 are at war on social media.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Tekashi 69 is always into something, even when he is just in jail. Somehow, these dude is able to gift his current girlfriend Jade an iced out Troll doll. How mature. On top of that, Jade went on to brag about it and thank the jeweler. 

“Damn… I wanted Minnie Mouse because your Mickey Mouse but this Troll doll is fine I guess Merry Christmas baby thank you @jimmyxboi,” she said.

What Jade Wattley didn’t know was that she was trolling the mother of Tekkie’s child with the post. The diamond-studded toy merely served to p### off Sara Molina. And you know what? Sara Molina doesn’t grant passes for anything and definitely not Jade Wattley! 

Check it out:


Well, let me say…that iced-out troll is in extreme CONTRAST to how 69 is doing his daughter and child’s mom. According to S Dot Molina, Tekashi isn’t doing anything for them.

“Any b#### that stands by a ni99a that don’t take care of his kids is a corny weak b####. B#### you not as important to me as you think my problem isn’t you I always made my issue about him not being a father not what he does for you or your daughter who ain’t even his… KNOW YOUR PLACE.”

And then Jade fired back, when she probably should have kept her beak shut.

“We hate you baby mommas. Miserable b!tches. Happy holidays to all mothers tho.”


When that man gets out of jail, he is going to have so much drama, his hair is gonna go from rainbow-colored to white! I cannot wait so that the next person can write all about it! I want no parts of this CIRCUS!

I have been writing for this site all these years and nobody has ever offered me a job. I know my writing is kinda trash at times, but isn’t that all you all read? LOL! I gave birth to trashy blogs. 

On that note, bye.