VIDEO: Tekashi 6ix9ine Was Beaten In Dubai Club

6ix9ine and Tekashi69

Tekashi 6ix9ine just wanted a Dubai Club DJ to play one of his songs. The result was him getting allegedly beat up in the club. See the video and judge if it’s real or not.

So, Dubai is not to be messed with. Tekashi69 was out and about in Dubai and decided to ask the DJ to plays music. A new video reveals that that was probably not the best thing for him to do. A recently released video shows the Brooklyn, New York rapper was attacked and beaten right in front of club goers because he asked the DJ to play his music.

Of course, the DJ refused to play whatever song he requested. And after that, he was attacked and beaten. If you look at the video below, you see that they are putting hands and possibly feet on the rapper with the propensity for talking to law-enforcement.

HollywoodUnlocked says, “Our source also says that the DJ then hopped back on the mic and screamed, ‘We don’t like snitches,’ and proceeded to laugh while reportedly adding, ‘No way am I playing a snitch’s song.'”

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Clearly, the DJ really despises snitches. At the time of his writing, Tekashi69 said something about fake news. I am sure that he will have a hair brains scheme to explain what happened and why he wasn’t really hurt too badly. He better be careful.

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Just a few short months ago he was punched in another club, this time Miami. He tried to say he didn’t connect, but then the video came out showing that a man did in fact hit the rapper flush. This has to be getting old. The irony of this is that he recently had a domestic violence case with his girlfriend, so maybe they are thinking about that as they assault him.

So far, there’s no aftermath or further conversation around this.