Future & Tems Pregnancy Rumors Run Wild


Could Tems be pregnant by Future?

Rumors can run wild in the online world, and Tems and Future are a perfect example. These two artists collaborated on one of last year’s biggest hit songs, “WAIT FOR U,” which also featured Drake. The collaboration helped propel the Nigerian singer to megastardom, earning her numerous awards and the opportunity to work with other major artists. However, NOW she finds herself, along with the Trap Lord, in the midst of new speculation as pregnancy rumors swirl across the internet.

The beginning of these rumors appears to be a TikTok video that surfaced overnight. In the video, a user says Tems is showing signs of a baby bump, and fans have eagerly embraced this claim. The news quickly spread to Twitter, where fans of both artists reacted with animated GIFs and brief videos.

Some fans expressed skepticism, with one stating, “I need to conduct my own research because it’s hard to believe that Tems is expecting a child with Future.” Another fan exclaimed, “Everyone seems to be saying that Tems is pregnant by Future… Oh, my goodness!”

Watch the video in question below.