Is Tekashi 69’s Biggest Fear Coming Home?

The biggest threat to Tekashi 69 may be coming home “soon” – per social media.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Now you know I have spoken my piece on Tekashi69 quite a bit on these pages and I will continue to do so as long as I have a career. And the truth is, I really don’t have a problem with the guy because he is just symptomatic of the bigger issue that we face here in America. However, if you were going to get yourself into some sort of a mess then you have to take the liberty to also deal with the consequences as a man. If you are going to deal with gangsters and other such folks out there, then you contend with the consequences of dealing with those types of people.

That said, Tekashi69 may have to deal with the return of Shotti. Now we know now that Shotti is the guy that allegedly was running the Trey-9 Bloods in Brooklyn. He has not wavered in any way shape or form from his gangsta. He is MR. WE DON’T BREAK WE DON’T BEND WE DON’T FOLD!

He has maintained all of that street credibility that he had before going to jail. In our recent post on his social media it seems like he may be coming home soon. Now what is soon to me and you may not be soon to him. I know that Gio house cats think 1 to 3 years is short time. But to me that is a long time. To some of these guys anything less than football numbers is a short period of time. So look at this post and tell me what you think. Is Shanti coming home soon or is he just going to do a few years? 

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