The Breakfast Club Is Over, According To Angela Yee

The Breakfast Club may be over over…what’s going on here

Angela Yee made a startling proclamation, revealing The Breakfast Club was over.

She made the revelation on social media without expounding, but it immediately garnered several thousand retweets, likes and replies.

“The breakfast club as you know it is officially over,” she said on Twitter.

What do as think is going on? Is C Tha God leaving? He has been doing a lot of work on TV. Envy has been doing a lot of car related stuff. I don’t see them having another iteration of the trio in the morning so they may be replacing them all.

I do not think they have aged out or anything like that. They are huge stars. Maybe this is just a representation of them outgrowing their current post.

It will remain a mystery until they speak further on it.