The Coolio Conspiracy Theories Are Here!


Coolio died an enlightened man and that has caused many to feed conspiracy theories into social media. RIP COOLIO!

First things first, rest in peace to Coolio, the Grammy award winning, truth telling global celebrity. He was all Hip-Hop, but he was also beloved all over the world. Germany, for example, has already implemented an honorary day for the West Coast King.

Do you know how we do over here in the States, there’s generally gotta be a conspiracy theory attached to young non-violent death. This particularly applies when the artist in question is one that is smart, intelligent and may buck up against the system. Well, Coolio was very outspoken in his later days.

Some of his interviews showed some very real enlightenment and knowledge of just about everything. It is for this reason that many people believe that he was murdered. I am not saying that. I am however interested in a lot of the commentary that he had with him in his last days.

For one, he said that he “saw things” that would definitely get him killed if he were to reveal them. In other instances, he made it clear that Africans were here before any other people. And in general, he basically says there’s a lot of funny business going on the higher you ascend into superstardom.

Does this mean he was killed? No. We know that a lot came with the life that the brother lead. One the flip side, new reports say he was healthy as a m###. This is definitely above my pay grade, but I am paying eternal respect to my dude Coolio. Never wack, just super high in the sky early on.

Coolio and Stevie Wonder
December 6,1995 Coolio and Stevie Wonder Photo by: Frank Olsen/