The Final Word Is In On Lil Durk And Snitching Rumors

Lil Durk

Lil Durk’s street cred has been tested over and over, but he’s taking his ambitions in a different direction now.

A few years ago, Lil Durk was arrested along with others like the then-living King Von. The year was 2019 and it was not looking good. At that time, Durk had the blonde-tinged locs and people were saying he was caught. Those of us in the media were waiting to see how this turned out, because he was emerging a super star. So was the homie King Von. Eventually, those charges were dropped, particularly after the main culprit King Von was dead.

Still, the questions lingers. Did Durk talk. We have our answer now!

It says right there and very clearly: he refused to cooperate. And he asked for his lawyer. I think that certifies Lil Durk’s G and also makes him smarter than your average bear.

On another note, Durk has completely cleaned up his act. He has not cut his locs off, but he’s meeting with the mayor.

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He’s looking very crispy! And he’s looking NOW to give back and help kids do better with their lives. You can see Big Durk there too if you swipe.