The Game & Wack 100 Are Beefing & It IS BAD!

The Game

Could it be that The Game and Wack100 are beefing? And then there is a Suge Knight component to all this possible drama!

In my heart, I knew this was going to happen. The Game and Wack 100 are beefing. Now, these poor dudes have been down for a very long time, but once The Game lost that default judgement, I knew this would go left. The Game is legally on the hook with for an alleged sexual assault after a woman accused him and won because Game didn’t show up for court. That was to the tune of $7 million and the rapper has vowed not to pay it. I believe he “paid” some, because she garnished monies from his last album. Why am I saying this? There were rumors The Game put everything in Wack 100’s name to avoid having his dinero, property and other things taken from him.

Now they are beefing. Look at what Wack posted!

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Now, it seems like he’s talking to Suge Knight AND The Game. I am processing this as I write this. SO, in the comments, Game says the following, “I’ll take the head up fade with both you ni99as on sight.” He basically wants to fight them both, Suge and Wack. Game is a big MF now. I think he could give prime Suge a run for his money in a one-on-one. Wack 100 is no slouch either.

Here’s some audio. Wack said he and Irv Gotti had to get hotels and things for Suge. He basically says Suge did nothing after parting ways with people like Snoop, Dre and Pac. He basically said he got shot, knocked out and lost all his money…and other things. He maintains he paid for Suge’s mom’s funeral.

So back to The Game…

What happened? Nobody seems to know. Some people, like my BX dudes, are saying Game may be joking. Others are thinking this is pre-promo for a new album since Drillmatic – Heart vs. Mind has come and gone. The Game was signed to 100 Entertainment and probably still is. If so, I don’t think beefing with the owner bodes well for him. I wish The Game well, because he is one of the better talents Hip-Hop has seen. I would hate to see him add another layer of legal woes to his situation.

Game still got it! Hoping this is just promotion so we can get new music.