Is The Game Trying To Be Like Nipsey?

The internet is talking a lot, but is he trying to be like the late Nipsey Hussle.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I don’t know about the internet sometimes. The Game has been doing “The Game” for a very long time. First of all, we are always impressed by his lyrical dexterity. We are also impressed by his ability to beef with people are win – lyrically. Sure he’s put hands on some folks too, but we ain’t talking about that. We also are waiting for his album Born To Rap, but a recent lawsuit loss may delay that release

Well, remember when The Game rapped like Nip on that song with Dom Kennedy? No? Check it out. 

So, I didn’t mention this when it dropped even though the internet was killin’ Game, because they said he was trying to sound like the late Nipsey Hussle. I think that was the point! He’s doing a song with Dom Kennedy, who was one of Nip’s closest homies! So, I didn’t bat an eye. I think that the way Game mourned Nip so publically and THEN that, it got them all gussied up! LOL! 

Well they are all gussied up again now, because The Game has got a new hairdo that closely resembles his fallen comrade. Check it out!

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These guys were friends! So, I am going to say The Game is still in mourning. They are looking at the hair and the beard and that is what causes them to have jokes! Real talk, their hair does not even look that close. The Game has had different cornrow type of hair. And I am realizing that I have spent too much time talking about men’s hair styles! LOL!!!

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