The Game Addresses Sexual Assault Accuser!

Since the verdict is out, The Game may has well speak his mind!

(AllHipHop Rumors) The Game recently lost a default verdict that could render him $7 million in arrears. Priscilla Rainey sued the rapper in ’15 and was awarded a nice sum of money totaling over $1 million. The Game was accused of rubbing her v####### and lost because he didn’t come to court. Now, after he lost, his penalty was increased 6x because he said a bunch of stuff about Rainey, including call her a “tranny.”  

Well, The Game has decided to talk on it and says he’s got a lot of money no matter what! Check it out!

I am not sure if he did this or not, but he is definitely supremely defiant! So he gets my props for being like that. I just hope my dude isn’t really juggling b######! That wouldn’t be good.