The Game Joins Forces With The Verzuz Champs, Big Daddy Kane, And KRS-One – KINDA!

big Daddy Kane Krs-One

Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One are back poppin’ together and they have a song with The Game. Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur talks to King Asiatic.

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UPDATE: This song isn’t new, its just new to us. This song was actually recorded about 10 years ago, according to sources.

The Verzuz Effect continues to be real af! We saw what it has done for the careers of The Lox, Fat Joe and Ja Rule, but now it appears to be helping some of the pillars of the culture too. Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One have a new song with The Game, the Compton bar spitter. The song has not been released and we don’t know when it hits yet, but he gave AHH’s own Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur a sneak preview last night on IG Live. They had a full conversation, but it started off with this grand revelation. What is crazy is they all constructed this song right after the Verzuz, which was about two weeks ago in Brooklyn’s Barclay Center. Anyway, check out the song real fast…

Fa real doe, we need The Game to drop another whole album so I hope this song is on the new project. If not, I’ll settle on a song. If you listen to the entire conversation, a lot about Verzuz is revealed. Kane dispels some of the rumors. One was that there was a real strict structure to their battle. Remember we had said (based on previous talks with KRS and Kane) that they were gonna do 15 song for song rounds and five rounds bar for bar. Then DJ Scratch semi-confirmed this with a twist, that 2 of those were to be a DJ battle and a b-boy battle. Kane basically said that was the “idea” but they were not contractually bound so they were battling also to control the “narrative” of the night.

He also talks about why Mister Cee didn’t DJ for him, why his long term dancer Scoob wasn’t there and more.

Another thing you bucks may not pick up on: BDK addresses Rakim numerous times without mentioning his name. He never once said his name, which was interesting. Jigsaw didn’t push the issue…he seemed to respect the fact that Kane wasn’t saying it. Anyway, you gotta see this, but he basically says that Rakim is best suited for Verzuz ON THE PHONE, not the live performance.

Overall, the positive convo was positive and Kane made that super clear!