The Game Opted Not To Pay NBA Youngboy’s Fee 


The Game was not interested in spending $150 racks for a verse from NBA Youngboy.

The Game is having a tough time right now.

His new album Drillmatic is a very good album, but the sales are not in alignment with the sales. Apparently, they had to make some tough decisions as they were choosing people for the work of art, that could serve as a double album.

Anyway, I am hearing some news, which is coming straight from his manager. Wack100 said that they did not want to spend the $150k for an NBA Youngboy verse. He said those amazing bars would cost about $150,000. I find this to be amazing, because I do not know a single bar from that young man. The Game is a well-known lyricist with the ability to bar it up with just about anybody.

Why wouldn’t they just pay NBA? The answer is simple – it didn’t make financial sense to do so. According to Wack, they expenses they put into all that would put them in the red. No pun intended.

The crazy thing is that they recorded the song, but it did not make it to the album. If you want to hear it, it is below. Also, you want more? You can hear Wack100 tell it all too.