The Game Picks Another Fight With 50 Cent

50 Cent and Game

The Game took some shots at 50 Cent, drilling down on his rocky relationship with his son.

The Game has the eternal beef with 50 Cent. There as a time when I wished they were able to fix it, but now, who cares? Both men are not at the top of their game lyrically, but The Game is at least trying to do stuff. His last album, Drillmatic – Heart vs. Mind, did not wow the world the way it was supposed to. I thought it was a solid work. I thought there were too many songs on it and I felt he could have focused on the songs. Not Eminem.

Anyway, that album just came out in August, but perhaps he is setting the table for his next round of beefs. I don’t know. Regardless, one thing you cannot say is that The Game isn’t a good father. He’s pretty much a great father, from what I have seen. Correct me in the comments, if am wrong. Anyway…the Compton OG sees what is going on with 50 and his son Marquis. Yes, they are beefing again.

Here’s what he posted on IG.

Then he posted this:

Last month, he posted his own father, who passed four years ago. He’s really about this fatherhood life.

Anyway, 50 Cent has not said anything to The Game. Of course Fif has been messing with his son, who says that $6,000+ was not enough per month in child support. The Game and G-Unit are one of the big “what ifs” of Hip-Hop. We’ll never know for sure.

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