The Game’s Sister Calls Him Out For Helping Others But Not Reaching Out To Her


Photo via The Game’s Instagram

The Game
announced that he has partnered with Avita Water to help the tragedy in Flint, Michigan. The Game joined forces with The Robin Hood Project to donate $1 million to those in need. Game donated —$500,000 directly from his own bank account. Game cited his compassion for others and the fact that his sister lives in the area for some of the reasons he decided to help those in need. Game also plans to donate the proceeds from his tour to help Flint residents obtain clean water. The Game went on to call out other celebrities for not donating “enough,” and challenged them to match his $1 million dollar donation. While many applauded Game’s actions, his sister wasn’t as pleased. Apparently Game’s sister @b.f.l.y took to Instagram to express her frustration with her brother as she posted,

“What kinda brother don’t call u on your birthday???? The kind that don’t know his other sister don’t live in Flint, Michigan… she lives in Lansing…. Ha Ha… THE bomedy.”

We don’t know what’s going on between the two of them, but hey, sometimes your own family can be just as bad as the folks on the outside. Whatever family issues they have going on, we hope they work it out.