The Real (Rumored) Deal About The OutKast / Tribe Called Verzuz Battle!

A tribe called quest and outkast

Will ATCQ and OutKast really battle or not?

Here is what we know. In an interview, Swizz Beatz slipped up and said that the next Verzuz battle could/would be A Tribe Called Quest vs Outkast!

“We got Tribe Called Quest and Outkast, pending. I wasn’t even supposed to say that. I might have just f##### that all up. Q-Tip is my brother but that man…whoo! André 3000 my brother but that man…whoo! But you know, we love them and we got patience, and whenever they ready, we ready,” Swizz said!

This is going to be incredible…if it happens. Now will it?

I am hearing that there’s not a chance that there is going to be a Verzuz battle with each group. BUT, I am hearing that it may be a battle between the individuals. Andre 3000 and Q-Tip? My sources tell me that it is actually Big Boi vs Q-Tip. I am not sure exactly what Swizzy was saying or not saying, but I am told it ain’t gonna be Three Stacks vs The Abstract. Now, if I am wrong, fine. But what does it look like – a Q-Tip battle without Phife. And an Andre battle without Big Boi. OR a Big Boi battle without 3 Stacks? I mean, any combo, I am down! I love these guys so much!

Anyway, Swizzy and Kid Capri said some more stuff.

Swizz and Timbaland are not stopping when the pandemic passes, “Verzuz is not just something for the pandemic, it’s something for the culture, permanently and that’s what I want people to understand. We got so many lined up, we ain’t even start yet.”