The “Real” Reason Diddy Has Not “Worked With” Ma$e!

There are two sides to every story and here are the rumors in Diddy’s defense.

(AllHipHop Rumors) It is very hard for me to defend Diddy in light of what Mase has posted on his social media. Remember Mase was one of Diddy’s main artists on Bad Boy Records, particularly after B.I.G. died. He was the pop star that helped propel Diddy to where he is today – a near-billionaire! 

So, now Mase wants his publishing and is kicking up a whole bunch of dust for his former label head, Sean “Diddy” Combs. Is there another side? Before I say that we have to say that a lot of artists have complained about Diddy for years. Just about all of them have had something to say. The Lox used to talk about “Raping You Records” in relationship to Bad Boy Records. The list goes on and on. Mase is a unique one though.

Here is what I am hearing about the relationship between Diddy and Mase is complex. The ending…why did Mase leave the rap game? Over 20 years ago – on April 20, 199- Mason Betha left the rap game. “I gotta do what make me happy. A lot of people gonna say I’m crazy, I’m leaving money behind and a lot of things but it’s just how I feel in my heart. Once God puts something in your heart–you know, God talks to everyone different,” Mase said.

Now, I always was told that there was a God-clause in Mase’s contract where he could leave and maintain his riches from Bad Boy if he left for religious reasons. Mase would go on to some success as a preacher under Creflo Dollar. Apparently, Tia and Tamara Mowry got him to turn to God. Mase left the game for about 5 years before coming back. It is my understanding that he “took” Diddy for millions with he left to be a preacher. 

So, Diddy MAY feel that he is owed money and the only way to get back what he is owed is to retain ownership of his publishing. Remember that is the deal that Mase and his lawyer negotiated many years ago in the 90s. He may not have gotten a fair deal but he certainly had better times than I will ever experience, to be reallllllly real. 

Did Mase swindle Diddy when he left and then offer to buy back his publishing essentially on a discount (compared to what he got away with)? That is the way the source is describing it. If you get away with $6 and offer back $2….don’t expect the dude to take that deal. Hey, I can’t call it, b. I would certainly be able to live off the money Mase had.