The Roxanne Shante Movie Has Lil Mama Connection!

Lil Mama’s Connection To The Roxanne Movie!

The Roxanne Shante movie is underway. As you know, we broke the news that this was even a thing a few months ago. Now, we have learned a bit more. Lil Mama’s little brother is going to star into the movie “Roxanne Roxanne,” which is about the young rap mistress from back in the day. Roxanne Shante was the rapper that shook up the world after U.T.F.O. dropped their song “Roxanne Roxanne.”

Roxanne Shante wasn’t even a part of the deal, but she went rogue and – with Marley Marl – started a whole thing. You have to google “The Roxanne Wars” to really understand (Click here for that). But, to this day, I don’t believe a song has solicited as many responses as “Roxanne Roxanne” did back in the day.

ANYWAY, the point of this whole point is to say, we have discovered that Lil Mama’s brother

Arn Star

is playing the role of MC Shan of the Juice Crew. Those of a certain age, know that Shan was the man of the Juice Crew, which was one of the dopest rap collectives ever. Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Craig G, Masta Ace and others were also members of the Juice Crew. Recognize and realize.

Shout out to Forrest Whitaker for pushing this story to the front!