The Start Of Gangster Rap Began With An East/West Gentleman’s Agreement


As you know, Hip-Hop has a very serious legacy that sometimes gets lost in time. One thing people don’t realize is that Schoolly D – a Philly emcee – is the real creator of so-called Gangsta Rap. Ice-T is a gangster and a gentleman. When he was about to drop his classic record, “6 N The Morning,” he wrote it inspired by Schoolly D. Ice called him and got his “permission” to run this record which was inspired by Schoolly D’s underground hit “PSK.” In a new interview, with the Murder Master Music Show, the Philly Pioneer spoke on it:

“Back then there was only like 15 national rappers. I helped him out, I helped out the 2 Live Crew, it was a brotherhood. I was looking at it as Ice was part of my brotherhood, my Westside brotherhood. They called me up and he said he was putting it out, but he wouldn’t put it out without until I approved it. He played it for me and  I said ” Yeah that’s cool put it out!” It wasn’t like there was a 1000 rappers like today, we had to stick together and we had to help each other out. It was easy for me to help someone out. This was way before the East Coast and West Coast wars. It was like a fraternity!”

Listen to both songs:


6 N The Morning:

Two legends – SALUTE!