The Younger Brother Of Royce Da 5′ 9″ Disses TF Outta Lupe Fiasco & Mickey Factz!

Royce Da 5' 9" Lupe Fiasco

Royce Da 5′ 9″ has a brother that can rap well…well enough to tack a stab at Lupe Fiasco and Mickey Factz.

Here you go!

“I know they want Nickle to shake the Earth,” Kid Vishis says on “2 Snaps In A Circle.” This maybe the closest we get to a diss from Royce Da 5′ 9″ so let’s enjoy.

By this time, you already know what happened about a month ago between Royce da 5′ 9″, Lupe Fiasco, and Mickey Factz. There’s really little reason to go back and rehash all of the details. However, we can, but what is the point? At this time, Royce did not respond and his younger brother returns with a diss about three weeks late. Now, hearing it I actually really like it and it would’ve been a really nice curveball to have heard after “Wraith.”

But that didn’t happen! And the truth is, we are really anxiously awaiting Royce to go hard at both Mickey Factz and Lupe. I’m still looking forward to it even though I know the chances of that happening are about as likely as a polar bear vacationing in Jamaica. Not happening! Everybody has pretty much moved on from this entire situation, which makes the dis all the more odd timing-wise. Maybe this will help Kid get his name out there a little bit more like it helped Mickey Factz go up a few notches in popularity.

I haven’t really heard much else from Royce, because he is indeed the star of the show. I am hoping that this all jumpstarts a reunion for one of my favorite groups – Slaughterhouse. Will that happen? I’m not sure but it does seem like they are recording material sans Joe Budden. I don’t think he’s ever coming back to Hip-Hop. They should add someone like Chino XL to the group and give it some spice. Hell, add Royce’s brother! Or a female! There are plenty of women out there that can bar it up! Check out Sa-Roc!

By the way, I rememeber Kid Vishis had words for Eminem on “Malcolm X,” which was badsh#t crazy!

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