There Could’ve Been A Collaboration Between Prince & The Game


Almost doesn’t count, but sometimes almost still gives us enough good memories to reminisce on. The Game recently revealed to TMZ that he almost recorded a song with Prince years ago.

“I wanted him to get a on a song and he was down to do the song, right. So we met at [former Universal Music Group chairman and CEO] Doug Morris’ office, man, at Universal a few years back and he heard the song and there was one curse word in it and he was like, ‘Yo. I can’t get on that. It’s got a curse word in it.”

Although Prince used profanity on some of his material, he later stopped cursing in his songs.

“That’s the evolution of people and their lives. You get older. You get wiser. Prince became a Jehovah’s Witness and he cut out all that so we didn’t do the song ’cause I needed that curse word,” said The Game.

Do you think The Game should’ve removed the curse word especially since it was Prince?! That may have been a pretty cool collaboration!