There’s Another Side To The Trey Songz “Cop Assault” Situation!

Trey Songz

Did Trey Songz put people at risk for Corona Virus at a football game or…COPS!?!

Trey Songz is coming into his own as a man. I think that is a good thing generally. But, in this instance, I don’t think it will work out for him. I don’t know…I have heard different sides to the situation. Here is what we heard FIRST. We heard that Trey was being heckled by somebody at the AFC Championship football game. (I still ain’t watching the NFL, but I think it was the Chiefs playing.) A cop comes to the situation….for whatever reason and then Trey gets into it with the cop! Now, the early reports said that the cop was the aggressor and people were saying “arrest the cop!”

That is all well and good until you learn on other detail…the issue was over Trey Songz alleged REFUSAL to wear a mask at the game.  I am sure Trey was doing something that warranted hum not wearing a mask him him eating bad food or a lite beer. Either way. they are saying the copper used excessive force.

Check out the vid.

The way I see it, cops have been video taped assaulting Black people and getting over forEVER, so IF Trey was the aggressor…well then LET HIM OFF! Who cares, that headlock didn’t cripple him like Jacob Blake or kill him like George Floyd. He, in fact, is very much alive! Not like Ahmaud or Breonna, you know.

You get the point.

Here is what the cops are saying:

Glad to know, Trey has not been charged! MAYBE THIS GOES AWAY!