This Is How The KRS-One Verzuz Big Daddy Kane Will Be Different!

big Daddy Kane Krs-One

KRS-One and Big Daddy Kane are going to do this Verzuz battle a bit different that the others in order to keep it 100% Hip-Hop!!

The Original Gods and the Original Gangstas will be in the building tomorrow for the night’s massive Verzuz between KRS-One and Big Daddy Kane. These two were friends back in the day and continue to be til this day. However, they have wanted to battle each other for quite some time. BUT, a lot of people felt like the battle people wanted was Rakim and Big Daddy Kane. Well, Rakim turned the opportunity down – Flat Out! Plus, KRS and Kane both agreed that they wanted to do THEIR battle differently. They told AllHipHop exclusively that they wanted to battle 15 rounds and then five of those rounds were rapping “freestyle” at each other. Or the DJs could battle too. At that time, last year or earlier this year, Verzuz was just 20 songs back to back. All of that changed with The Lox vs Dipset. And so, here we are.

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KRS-One and Kane actually got what they wanted….15 songs and the rest rapping at each other! This is a real battle! They got exactly what they wanted, and it is destined to be epic. There was another side to this. First, they may include DJs battling as well! DJ Kid Capri has opted to side with KRS-One and DJ Scratch is down with Big Daddy Kane. Today was the rehearsal and we got a glimpse of what is to be. Hakim Green was lingering, Mad Lion was there, the fellas from Duck Down Records. There are certainly more out there….so here is what we can look forward too…

AllHipHop’s Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur interviewed both KRS-1 and Kane…for months leading up to this Verzuz. Here are some interviews for ya.

KRS-1 calls out Kane…and saying he will demolish everybody.

Kane talks about KRS…Rakim…and the format that would eventually come to be.

Here are some other random things going on around the internet.

Kane saying he wanted KRS-1, not Rakim.

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Kane also be dancing so he knows how to put on a show!
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