50 Cent Laughs At T.I.’s Battle Challenge

Tip put a lot of energy into challenging 50 Cent, but it may not happen thanks to Fif.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Just because T.I. challenges 50 Cent to a battle doesn’t mean 50 Cent has to except the battle. On 50 Cent‘s birthday, he was celebrating like a normal human being but T.I. took it upon himself to challenge him to a versus battle. As you already know Verzuz battles are the battles that are set up by Timberland and Swizz Beats and started during the coronavirus lockdown. Well T.I. said, “ for your birthday, I offered you a challenge, sir. Pull your ass up with 20 of your records, sit across from me, and get this work, man.” LOL!

In typical 50 Cent fashion, he responded in a way that suggested that T.I. was on drugs. He did not have much else to say after that and really left it out there after T.I. had done so very much to challenge him to a rap battle. I guess 50 is not willing to let the king of the south coerce him forcibly into a rap battle. But let’s talk about this thing for a second. 50 Cent has a lot of songs particularly at the beginning of his career but not limited to just his album Get Rich or Die Tryin‘. He actually has a lot of songs before that and sporadically songs after that. 


T.I. has been consistent throughout his entire career but has not reached those meteoric SALES heights that 50 Cent has had. Tip may be the better pure spitter than Fif too…keep it real. The other thing is let’s be clear, this is also regional preference. So if you’re from New York City, you are going to likely prefer 50 Cent. And if you are from the Big South, Atlanta to be more specific, you are definitely going to prefer T.I.  Both guys are kings in their respective manners. It all comes down to who you prefer. But I do think this would be great for Hip Hop and great for Swizz and Timbaland.