Tink Adds To Hitmaka Physical Altercation Saga; Claims He Tried To Muscle $2 Million From Her


The tea is Tink and Hitmaka’s breakup was a seven-figure fiasco.

Tink has shed even more light on her falling out with Hitmaka—which reportedly led to their physical altercation in Cancun. For anyone just catching on to this story, Tink recently went on Instagram Live to air out her ex-flame and current A&R, saying she had to defend herself from a physical attack. However, the rapper-turned-producer says she hit him and even claimed he had footage of the R&B singer attacking him first. Tink followed up with her own response, threatening to “expose” him if he released the video of the incident.

Now it appears more of what Tink was seemingly holding over Hitmaka’s head has come to light. Apparently, Tink says she told Hitmaka she wanted to handle the making of her Winter Diary 5 project on her own—whilst also concurrently negotiating a two-album deal with EMPIRE. According to her claims, Hitmaka decided he would cut ties with her during the process but not before allegedly making a hefty demand.

“Along with me making that decision, Hitmaka is upset because I would not pay him two million dollars,” Tink said in the video. “So now we have a man who, number one is upset I want to work on my craft and number two is looking for money.”

Tink went on to also address the women who were allegedly with Hitmaka when the two purportedly came to blows outside of a restaurant, seemingly labeling them as clout chasers unaware of the full scope of the situation. She also spoke on the dynamic of the relationship she and Hitmaka had, remarking that while she knew he dated other women and that they weren’t together, she at least deserved “respect.”

While Hitmaka has hinted at taking legal action in regards to the manner, he maintains he wishes not to to “speak ill” of Tink and still has love for her.