Does T.I. Have A New Album Coming As “Ring” Drops With Young Thug?

Tip is returning to music with “Ring” and, if there’s a club open, they will play it.

(AllHipHop Rumors) T.I. is set to make his latest run to reign over Hip-Hop and he’s bringing Young Thug along for the ride again. The pair have released “Ring,” the newest song from the Atlantan trap lord. 

While the pandemic continues to ravage much of the nation, the song is still “club-ready.” DY Krazy and Chopsquad DJ produced the track for the Grand Hustle president, actor, activist, businessman, and more.

Thugger and Tip go back and forth over a dope beat that bangs with bass. 

Tip says,” I’m not gon’ tweet, I’m not gon’ type/ Whatever you say, okay, alright /’ You pick your fate, you pay your price / Just know I do not play, alright?

The song truly marks a continuation of Tip’s legacy. His album like Trap Muzik, Urban Legend, King, T.I. vs. T.I.P and Paper Trail have sold millions and both songs and albums have topped the charts over and over. Furthermore, he’s created the Trap Music Museum, which is a magnet for tourists,  a successful podcast in expediTIously, and numerous on-the-ground efforts in Atlanta. 

Tip’s non-profit organization, Us or Else, has been a force to help communities that are far too often unheard and unseen.

Right now, sources expect this to lead into an 11th album, but it remains unconfirmed. 

Dime Trap, T.I.’s 10th studio album, was critically acclaimed with it was released in 2018,

Click here to listen to “Ring” – Listen.