Travis Scott Denies Delaying The Release Of Rihanna’s Album


Songwriter and producer Glass John recently revealed that Travis Scott was allegedly the reason why the release of Rihanna’s highly anticipated ‘ANTI’ album has been consistently delayed. Rihanna fans thought they were going to run out and buy the album on Black Friday, however they actually had some more waiting to do. John claims that Scott isn’t feeling Rihanna’s single “Kiss It Better” enough for her to release it. According to John, Travis wants Rihanna to make an “all trap hood ghetto” album. Glass John also claimed it was Travis who named Rihanna’s album, and he wasted valuable studio time trying to come up with a better song than “Kiss It Better,” but he couldn’t. Travis Scott posted on Snap Chat,

“Don’t believe this sh*t.”

Perhaps Glass John is trolling or exaggerating the truth.