Trick Daddy Claps Back At Angry “Black Hoes”


Well come look at this; Trick Daddy is now trying to play the victim!

Trick Daddy upset black women everywhere earlier this week as he suggested that they would become obsolete if Latino and white women learned how to fry chicken.

Trick also told black women that they needed to tighten up because women of other races are getting finer and finer by the day.

To no ones surprise, black women drug Trick Daddy to the pits of hell and back, as Trick isn’t exactly the most desirable or aesthetically pleasing individual on the planet.

Many women went in on Trick Daddy saying things like he looked dirty, disgusting, nasty, and permanently embalmed.

Trick Daddy has stated that his look has been impacted because he’s been battling lupus for 15 years, and that any women that want to use it as a joke to condemn him can e#########! Trick also told the same women,

“Get out yo feelings cause I’m heartless hoe.”

It’s so interesting that Trick has blasted the women who responded by saying most probably didn’t see the video and are instead just being followers. How is Trick going to take all of the shots and then play the victim though?! LOL.