Trolling Or Nah? Is Nicki Minaj Pregnant?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Nicki Minaj happens to be another celebrity who is no stranger to occasional trolling!

It seems like Nicki Minaj is still yearning for the attention that most people refuse to give her after she was ethered a few months ago by Remy Ma.

Nicki wanted our attention so bad that she decided to take to Twitter and tweet a baby emoji!

Of course the internet lost their minds speculating about if she’s really pregnant, who is the father, and if Nas could be one of the potential baby daddies in question.

Well at least we know that we can rule Meek Mill & Safaree out!

Nicki previously stated that she wouldn’t be pushing any kids out of her v##### until she’s married, but we all know sh-t happens. LOL.

Honestly, Nicki is probably just calling a new single or new project her baby. Carry on.

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