Trouble & Alley Boy Make Interesting Comments Seemingly About Yung Mazi’s Death

Kanye West


(AllHipHop Rumors) According to several social media posts, the late rapper Yung Mazi was living recklessly before he was shot and killed earlier this weak. Everyone is not simply writing R.I.P.

DJ Burn One already said that the city doesn’t mourn finessers like Mazi, and now some other folks have made some posts that also stick out.

Alley Boy posted and deleted a post that said,

“When you dance with death it comes to you. I don’t cry when people die. I just understand dat if you don’t wanna die stay out da way and don’t do sh-t to get you killed early in your life. We all gon die one day I just hope da reason is for sum I stood for.

Trouble said,

“Its like they wait on you to die!!
#ImJustTrouB ! #KeepAllYoFakeLove #WordToSkooB #MMBDTE.”

Trouble went on to explain that he feels that instead of all of the fake love that people show after someone dies, people could have given love and advice to the people while they were alive.

I see what Trouble is saying about keeping it real and being positive influences in other people’s lives, but at the end of the day, folks are going to do what they want to do.

On another note, a number of people have claimed that Mazi had it coming to him, and he was living on borrowed time. What are your thoughts? RIP Yung Mazi.

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