Troy Ave, Maino & China Mac Walk Into A Bar…The Jokes Write Themselves!

Maino / YouTube

Maino and Troy Ave keep going back and forth, but does Troy Ave have proof to refute Maino’s assertion that his chain is fake?

UPDATE: Somehow Wack100 got in the mix. And Maino is not playing with him. He wants to FIGHT. It seems like Wack has jokes, but Maino is not playing. This all happened on a live hosted by China Mac. I hope these guys don’t do any if this. It sure seems like they might “get down.”

All of this played out in the comments section. Peep:

And then…Maino used a few words we don’t use too much these days. Well, what does Wack do? Something wack! He tags Fox Soul, who hosts Maino’s show, “Maino Presents: Kitchen Talk.” This was seemingly in an effort to get his show dropped. Most people were not cool with this maneuver.

The Old Story Is Below…

Troy Ave and Maino are going back and forth.

Now, this is getting more and more crazy, but this is where we are right now. So, basically Maino “obtained” a chain that is allegedly Troy Ave’s from the night that would eventually land Taxstone in prison for manslaughter. Also, Troy Ave’s bodyguard dead. So, Maino claims it is fake and Troy Ave seems to be very intent on making sure we know it is real. So he made a video about it.

Like to hear it? Hear it go!

Maino is very much out side. So he had a response that seems to be directed to Troy.

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I think he’s telling Troy Ave to come outside, but the verdict is still out. I am not sure that that would be a good ideal considering how hot it feels.