True or False? Quando Rondo Claims He’s Blackballed

Quando Rondo believes he is being blackballed from the music industry. Do you agree?

Honestly, I never knew Quando Rondo was in the game in a way that would result in being blackballed. I guess if whatever social circle you exist in decides to give you the boot, you can be expunged from anything. As far as I am concerned, he was never at industry events, parties, awards shows or anything else for that matter. God bless.

He recently did an interview and claimed to be out of the game against his wishes.

He looks good (as in not based out), he seems to have his clothing and jewels. What’s the issue?

I think his so-called blackballing has less to do with being cut out the game and more to do with being a liability everywhere he goes. After Von died, and he was closely related to Lul Timm, that’s a big a$$ albatross around the neck. They never lead with talent and skill so why do it now?

What do you guys think?