Twista Starts Gun Club For Self Defense And Gun Safety

Twista knows the importance of guns and will teach you how to use it for the right price.

(AllHipHop News) Rap legend Twista has launched The Gun Camp in an effort to teach people how to shoot guns and also to teach firearm safety.

Right now, the United States is in an unprecedented time of social unrest, police brutality, protests, and and, some would argue, revolution. With gun sales going up, Twista has started this venture to teach safety to avoid tragic misuse of firearms. 

“I’m proud to announce my newest venture, with everything going on in the world I felt the need to properly train and educate those on having a firearm for safety,” the Chicago rap legend said. “For a limited time, I will be training those who really want to protect their family the right way. Call me now at 224-857-0795 to join #theguncamp now!!” 

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The class costs $499 and customers work directly with Twista as well as Joe Joe Stagen and Creative Scott, a pair of law enforcement specialists. Amenities include lunch, a concealed carry certification, fingerprints and even a unique opportunity to hear new music by Twista. 

Twista is no stranger to guns and even released a song called “War Ready” in 2019. The video for the song has an assortment of firearms on full display.

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