Two Rap Artists Have Strokes, But Who?

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Protect your health!

You guys know, we don’t really do messy anymore. But I just want to say that a couple of Hip-Hop acts (individuals) have had some major health scares recently. Despite the common thread, some rappers don’t have to put their business on the Internet. These guys are not putting up selfies in the hospital or inspirational quotes either.

That said,That said, these two guys have suffered from strokes and have quietly dropped off the map in order to handle their health business. This truly saddens me because it seems like we are losing somebody every other day. It also upsets me because it feels like we are losing warriors in hip-hop faster than we are creating new warriors. That could be my skewed perception but that’s just how I feel about the matter. At any rate there are other health updates that I could offer but that would be unsolicited and it would also be exposing a lot of private vbusiness. I’m not into that anymore!I’m not into that anymore!

I’m not into that anymore!

But I am into, is hearing that people are taking care of them selves and living long lives. So I hope that that trend begins to be the normal one and not people dying or languishing in health.

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I will say this, one person is from the West Coast and the other is from the East Coast.